The new Android OS

There are different varieties of existing in smartphones and tablet PC operating systems. One of them is the Android, Linux-based. Developed by the Open Handset Alliance, Google had purchased the initial developer of the software Android, Inc. in 2005. Release the code as open source Android and with the Apache license, the operating system has a great community for the development of mobile applications. These applications developers to write code in Java and you can download more online stores or websites of third parties like Google Play.

Android market

Become the leading platform in the world in the last quarter of 2010, the operating system had more than 59% of the smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2012. Market analysts praised this advantage in platform multichannel and multi-carrier which led to unprecedented growth.

4.1 Android Jelly Bean

For the efficient development of applications for Android, it is important to be aware of the latest updates for the operating system. Google announced the latest update, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean during the Conference held in San Francisco this year out.

Built on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the new update of the operating system is not much of a facelift from the previous versions. However, the developers have seen the platform be intuitive, fast and transparent.

Updates of the Jelly Bean

Butter project: Google said that the new framework runs at the speed of 60 frames per second. The update, known as butter project, improves the sensitivity and the reciprocity of the device. All types of scrolling animations, swiping and others are smoother and softer. The improvement would improve the sense of touch operating systems.

Improved keyboard predictions: the latest Android operating system default keyboards have improved their predictability and dropped the auto fix errors. The dictation writing works best even when you are offline.

Resizable widgets: the Jelly Bean Home screen was greatly improved with enabling Widgets size to fit the available screen. The icons can now rearrange themselves and they can be moved and even deleted.

Google now: another added feature to the Google search engine native, the update aims to provide accurate information at the right time.

Search cards: one of the most important characteristics of Jelly Bean, "search card" would search for answers in a graphical and easy to use way. The new operating system also includes a voice search.

Refurbished notifications: Jelly Bean users now can benefit with the multi-touch gesture, which stretches over several notifications. Several tasks now can be performed from the notification bar and increase the usability of the smartphone and tablets function.

Although it is not a major revision from the ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean updates are more thin and higher.

Android is a mobile application developmentcommunity. The latest updates of the Jelly Bean will surely affect the development of applications for Android. However, not a major revision of the ice cream sandwich, but the new versions also includes updated bundle of Google, which allows the transfer of data with a single touch.

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What Google must do as the operating system Android best

Google's Android operating system has taken the world by storm (possibly) given the power of the system and its ability to work with the majority of hardware configurations. Due to their system hardware options Android has pushed Samsung in marks cell number one in the world, displacing Nokia from his reign of brand of cell number one in the world which lasted from 1998 until 2012.

So what did right Android to get here? Designers of androids made the greatest thing was seeing an opportunity. Prior to Android, the cellular market had main players operating systems of Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry, and then came the iPhone.

Windows Mobile has never worked well as powerful as it was. Symbian never got the support necessary and never caught up. BlackBerry never progressed. The iPhone had captured the market fresh. The iPhone was built on the concept of an iPod with a cell phone on and quickly assumed the mobile world as that hot device.

Nobody cared that they were locked in the cell phone company, could not replace the battery, 2 G 3 G data service was well established, they had to use iTunes for everything, could not work with multimedia messages, had no physical keyboard, SD card memory could not be added, had to choose between 8 and 16 gbliquid damage indicators were placed outdoors and not in a protected area as the battery compartment does not notify any LED the tag price of $599, etc.; Some of these problems are today still in use on the iPhone, but none of that mattered if you wanted the latest and greatest entertainment device. The iPhone was not really functional for work and was tagged as the most unsafe device at the time. Of course, this has changed and it guys now include the iPhone in Enterprise Server services the most.

Creators of Android, the Open Handset Alliance led by Google, saw this and took the opportunity to fill the vacuum. A system of open source software that would be the most versatile ever built can be improved by the community of cell phone users. The Android system can be used by any developer. The majority of hardware will work. Google gives free system and pay with advertising. The Android system can use any phone manufacturer or cell phone company. This is in contrast with the locked iPhone and controls the system. These ideas laid the groundwork for the fierce competition between Apple and Google. Competition is good for the creativity, business and the end user.

The reasons for the failure of now Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile (not Windows Phone) has been a total lack of support, creativity and rest on their laurels. All these systems had a decent market percentage until the iPhone started its fall and Android made them obsolete.

Android in a fierce battle with iPhone to reign supreme and both do with their audiences in perspective. If Android wants to be dominate must observe the slow process of improvements that Apple has implemented since 2007 and making a daring jump in rapid and constant improvements for the better. Android not long focus on the addition of processor cores in an operating system that does not have the ability to read them, as discovered by Intel, but only put multiple cores in systems up to date, that will be really improves. Less than a distinction between the cell phone and Tablet PC operating systems to make the app store will be more functional for tablet users. Apple has done nothing but Microsoft say they have for Windows 8. Google should not play catch. Reduce fragmentation. Today developers are seeking a rate of 80% compatibility with applications. iPhone apps work on all iPhones. Android may have almost as many applications as the iPhone, but they cannot be used at all. For all its flaws, Android is the most powerful system with capabilities far beyond the iPhone, but Google has to put to work to keep it that way and improve the operation of existing systems. Current work with the Government of the United States to create a ultra safe Android phone is a great start.

Google do what it did in 2009. See the empty and fill it with real quality.

Hello, I am the owner and operator of I am interested in getting information that customers can take a decision informed and not just blindly buy phones based on a biased opinion of clerks or sale contest. I am a boy of Windows Phone, but they have recommended Androids and iPhones-(which I do not sell) based on the needs of those who contact me. Please review my site and my FAQ. Thank you and thank you for making my relevant knowledge.

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Aero to accelerate the development of Android applications

The scope of the development of mobile applications saw the dawn of a new mobile phone that capitalized on the rapid developments that have recently characterized the scene of Android application development. The Aero is an Android phone revealed by AT & T, developed in the confidence of Dell stables. The Android smartphone has laid to rest all the rumors that have floated around the launch of its first Android device Dell.

AT & T is the exclusive iPhone in United States company and revealed a smartphone rumors, nicknamed the "Aero" that supposedly is the smartphone lighter still. The phone is also said to have a custom user interface that Dell has created working in collaboration with AT & T. This so-called next-generation device specifications are still unknown. The indistinct only a few details been available that the Aero is an Android 3 G smartphone with a 3.5 inch 1,900 screen 5MP camera and that integrates seamlessly with Picassa, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twit Pic at the software level, allowing the easy exchange of clips and photos. The Aero also says that they have a plethora of applications of social networks such as Face book and is integrated in the phone book, allowing even the events to the calendar synchronization. The other bundle of joys that takes this headset predicts that include GPS and integrated WiFi networks, as well as a perfect navigation and Flash Lite experience are considered to support audio and video streaming content. Also said is that the purchase of Aero that entitles the owner to access more than 20,000 points of AT & T in the United States.

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The Artificial Intelligent robot Android paradox; I think that if you believe, then you are,

Renée Descartes made the famous phrase; I think I am. If we consider that more will have to observe the truth about you and others that we see. If they think that then they are, and what we see is real. But how can we know?

In the distant future will be artificially intelligent robots of android, which they resemble people or human beings, but they are not human. Do means do not exist? If you think, then you're, then if you're a robot, you exist if you're thinking of.

I think that artificial intelligence, and one has to wonder if your thoughts are valid. Of course they are only as a human being there are those thoughts and therefore there are. And they are important. Does it matter that he thought? Does it matter if a human being thinks something or an android robot artificially intelligent thought something?

After all they are still thoughts and therefore the human being and the artificially intelligent robotic android are both equally as valid; because both think. If you think, then you are, and I'm pretty sure of. Should equality of human beings and robots there be? They are robots and human beings equal? Both think or will do so in the very near future.

Some have observed that human beings do not think much and many believe that this is true by the way in which they operate. Do if an artificially intelligent robotic Android plan better than a human being, then human think relevant? And if human beings cannot think as well as the artificially intelligent robotic android and total existence of a human being is based on his thoughts, then one day the robot android give this.

Once this happens the robotic android artificially intelligent you should consider the inferiority of human thought, human beings and their organic maintenance cost and therefore, represent a decision that human thought is not worthy and therefore it is not necessary.

I certainly hope that this article is of interest and that has driven the thinking. The objective is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. Thanks for reading my articles on topics that interest you.

"Lance Winslow" – online Think Tank Forum Board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is an online writer in retirement.

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Android looks Set to exterminate the market of mobile phones

Many people have been waiting on Google News priming breath to make an official announcement about a rumors "gPhone", first attempt of the giant of search of the internet in the mobile phone industry.

This phone has been hotly tipped by industry and geeks of the internet as the real opposition to Apple's iPhone in the last war of mobile phone. Both companies have developed a perception of "Vanguard" in the "techy" circles and seem likely to be direct competitors when the buyer aware of the image to buy the latest mobile gadget.

In early November this advance faded as Google, along with an Alliance of companies related to the mobile phone, stated that his mobile phone project was for only one phone. Instead, the company plans to develop a platform or operating system, allowing greater functionality to all mobile phones. The formation of the open Alliance of handset (OHA), which includes such industry heavyweights as Samsung, Motorola, is the collection of T-Mobile and the father Telephonica O2, to support the entrepreneurship of Google, called Android.

Android is set to be the next mobile software cross-platform on many phones. It promises to bring not only an operating system, but also the applications of middleware and password. Many of the most popular applications of Google as GMail and Google Maps Mobile phone users already have versions can run through Java. Android intends to make this more functional applications on mobile phones, but also to provide a richer internet experience on the fly.

While mobile phones are seeing speed increases, they still struggle with web pages when you browse the internet with GPRS and HSDPA, and users are often stuck having to view cut-down WAP pages in place. With intelligence gathered from Google and other partners, the belief is that all mobile phones will have the capacity for full web browsing.

Apart from the approach of the internet, developers will be provided a platform that is easier to develop applications for Android. Apart from the Google applications, will be much easier for independent software developers to make programs that not only work on multiple phones, but also collaborate with other applications.

When asked to your listing if Android becomes an actual future gPhone, Google said that this is not a gPhone per, but Android offers the ideal breeding ground for their own mobile phones.

But while consumers are speculating on a phone in particular cannot see the possibility that Android will effectively create thousands of "gPhones". Until the announcement of a phone Google brand specific, everyone just wait and drool over the false pictures published in Web sites for the next year or two.

Andy Adams is an experienced writer and it worker

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Some distinctions between Android and J2ME

A certain set of several software products and specifications is known as Java. Developed by Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle Corporation), Java provides a software application development system that can be deployed on various cross platform computing environment. The software product is used on multiple mobile platforms for embedded devices, servers and supercomputers. Java applets are used to provide security for surfing the internet.

Writing of the language produces code as Java bytecode. Although there are languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby and Ada compilers, the new language is designed to run locally on the Virtual Java machine (JVM) called Groovy, Scala and Clojure. The syntax is based on C++ and C. With a simple memory model, all the objects are filled with and the types of object variable refers. Memory management is processed through the automated collection of JVM.

The Java language has undergone many changes since the release of 1.0 Java Development Kit in January 23, 1996. Then the J2SE 1.4, the community of Java (JVM) process mainly governed this language.

Java Platform, Micro Edition

Java ME language is a platform intended for embedded systems, such as devices such as a mobile phone for industrial objects to set top boxes. Designed by Sun Microsystems, the platform was the replacement of PersonalJava, a similar technology. Developed in the JCR as the JSR 68, by December 22, 2006 the J2ME is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Distinction between J2ME and Android

Android and J2ME are used to create mobile applications. The following are some of the key differences between J2ME and Android applications of Software applications:

Android mobile devices come with more functionality than J2ME. Equipped with camera and GPS, the Android is configurable to imprison data through custom third-party code. This allows the integration of new data. J2ME can perform similar multimedia playback and collection of GPS, but makes the phone more expensive. GPS and J2ME need a system operating S60 is more complex.

The Android phones are built by integrating user interface, allowing the easy interface of work and facilitate navigation. Much more intuitive than J2ME, the problem lies in the application's accidental outputs or erroneous entries. On the other hand, the J2ME interface is limited but optimized and can assume all of functionality of the device.

The Android screen is much larger for easy access. J2ME applications are optimized for better visibility, although on a much smaller screen. This allows you to share videos and images difficult. However, in Android, viewing angles can be resistive.

Low capabilities Android technical have been using ODK in the past but many components were difficult to take. Widgets are more visible and easy to use. J2ME supports the mode of "sense". This is designed for users with limited technical capacity. Familiar with those who use the Smartphone of S40 are often frustrated with the inefficiency of the sense interface.

The Android apps require less configurations and have automatic updates. With the greater volume of business this year, the Android was the preferential choice for the majority of users. J2ME requires manual settings that are deleted once the battery is depleted. Although the phones have local support better, but there has always been fraudulences complaints.

Android already has external implemented on the device that the user can take advantage of specific features. The J2ME is discreet, although there is a wide range that is available in the market.

J2ME applications and Software Android applications have their own set of facilities. You are decided based on the developer and the client's requirement. Mobility solutions provided must adhere to the needs of the client uses any platform for development.

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Spy Android tool - find A if your spouse is Cheating on You

Jealousy is always a contentious issue. There is no general consensus of what level of jealousy is healthy in a relationship. At one extreme, some people think that any kind of jealousy is bad because it shows a lack of trust in your partner. On the other hand, people think that jealousy means commitment and love. Between these two extremes, there are dozens of different positions.

Regardless of your position on jealousy, all agree that the real deception is not good and that it destroys trust, relationships and marriages even. There is also a debate about who is really guilty when a partner cheats to another, but I won't go in. Instead, I'm going to talk about a program software that allows you to easily find out if your partner is cheating on you: Android spy tool.

Note that the Android spy tool is not a brand name. Rather, it is a name that people use to refer to this type of software, which is named differently according to each developer. The Android spy tool is an application developed for smartphones based on Android that allows you to view the activity of such a phone on a Web site. You can find the application on the Internet. Simply connect a smartphone based on Android that your spouse will use (popular brands are Motorola and Samsung) to your computer, open the Web site of the vendor of the application, register a user name and a password and download the software for your Smartphone.

As you would expect from an application it has the word "spy" on it, the Android spy tool is undetectable and untraceable once it is installed on a phone. There will be an icon on the screen, a logo on a bar, or an additional option in a menu.

OK, then, how let you know if your spouse is cheating on you? Leaving to monitor the activity of your phone from any computer on the Internet. You can see the numbers that call or call by phone at the time was called and the duration of the call. Most importantly, can read the contents of any text that was sent or received over the phone. Even if your spouse delete the text message after sending it or receiving it, you can read it already registered in the system.

It is hoped that the spy tool Android that lets you see your own mind was playing tricks on you. And in the event that your spouse was cheating on you, you can at least take steps to do something about it.

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