Acer Liquid E Special Edition Ferrari Android Phone Review

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There are many cell phones on the market in the modern era. However, few of them are as exciting and as the Acer Liquid E Special Edition Ferrari Android Phone. There are a wide variety of phone types that fall under the umbrella of 'Android'. The Android operating system has allowed for a real competition between big companies and the rest of the smart phone using world.

People that choose to buy an Android phone as their Smart Phone of choice will find that each is made different but with similar capacity. Some will have the ultra-modern touchscreen concepts, while others will have built-in slideout QWERTY keyboards. With Apple what you see is what you get. Manufacturer's that create Android phone models decided as a whole that what is best is what the customer wants.

There are many review sites online that will guide an individual to the discovery of exactly which phone is the best. With enough research it becomes obvious that the best choice is an android phone. They are less expensive on the average than the iPhone. They have a much larger selection of apps due to the wide array of companies manufacturing phones. Of even greater importance is the fact that no one company has the market cornered on Android phones. The technology will expand exponentially because there are many different companies working on ways to create the best cell phone instead of just one company that focuses on how to milk the money from their customers with shoddy merchandise that has an easily damaged battery or drops calls if you touch it wrong.

If a user wants a variety of wireless carriers to choose from when it comes to their smart phone then the Acer Liquid E Special Edition Ferrari Android Phone is absolutely a optimized choice. Each of the major US carriers has several types of Acer phones which will work on their system. The Acer Liquid E Special Edition Ferrari Android Phone comes unlocked which will require no contract and can be used on multiple wireless networks

The end result is that an Special Edition Ferrari Phone is for anyone that desires an extreme device that emulates there profile. They will be paying extra for the name of the phone and will and will need to purchase it online. Acer Liquid E Special Edition Ferrari Android Phone is sleek, sexy, beasts that have been thoroughly tested and work well. New and innovative technologies such as The 3.5" high-resolution (WVGA) capacitive touch screen of the Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition is optimized for watching movies in high-definition 720p quality and streaming YouTube videos at very high speed via Wi-Fi and HSDPA 7.2Mbps super amoled screens only exist with Android currently.

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