Adobe Flash for Android Passes 1 Million Downloads

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Adobe flash for android is soon going to hit a million downloads. On this platform, flash for androids is a happening thing that is coming up. This is in fact, the most hyped thing on this platform. This has many times being used as silver bullets in any case of android vs anything of flame wars. The coming up of this flash system has drummed up and it has made way to make or break item for this success of this platform. However, there are not much people who care for this.

There has been more than millions handsets where the flash android has made its way for downloads. ZDnet has recently reported it. It has been a long time since Google has disclosed that in total how many android sets have been produced. It has been unable to tell how many of the handsets are floating instead how many of them have been sold per unit. Not correct data is available hence the numbers are bit buzz. However, this surely indicates some things that how the market is going on with the other things.

Indicative numbers recorded for android handsets

The rough estimation that is being made about the floating android handset is around roughly 500k android phones being sell in 2008, 7.7 million in year 2009 and it went to 100 k per day from Jan 2010 to may and it later went on to 200k per day from June itself. So just, imagine the total number of smell of android handsets within these three years. It is estimated that 41. 2 million android set is floating around in market and more generous would be saying 50 million units that has been pushed. These are just the rough estimation that would give you a hint of market floating with the android sets.

There was more detailed number those were released yesterday and that has a different record. It says 30% of the android phones that have been sold have android 2.2 as their operating system. This android 2.2 is the requirement for flash compatibility apart from Nexus one. This Nexus one was built on 2.1 version. This further brings down the number of android running flash down and that comes out to be around 12.4 million and 15 million. This is the demarcation being made after knowing that flash supports android 2.2.

Recent updates

The recent updates say that the number has crossed one million and it is estimated that Flash has found its own way. It is being observed that flash has made its way of creeping around 6% to 8% of android handsets that could possibly work with flash. There is certain online obsession that has made things easier like YouTube, Farmville etc. Flash is one of the prominent thing in web technology and 8% penetration is considered to be a good number for something that is so easily discussed every now and then. Importance of flash must be blown to everyone. It is fantastic and surely away from being a failure.

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