Advantages That Give Android an Edge

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Android has been witnessing a phenomenal growth ever since its launch. The reason for the accelerating growth in Android application development must be observed in order to understand what gives it an edge over others. Having studied the market trends, critics' opinions and user experience there are some common analytical observations that have been drawn.

Android has a great application market with numerous developers continuously contributing to it. Although iPhone is still far ahead in terms of applications at the app stores but Android is also progressing at a speed that is unmatched.

Google also does not have strict policies for application acceptance like iPhone does therefore it allows the developers to have more freedom. With such policies more developers are turning to this platform, the result being more applications being developed for the platform. The year 2010 has seen more applications being developed for Google's operating system. The applications have shown improvement both in terms of quantity and quality.

Android gives the user the advantage to run many applications all at the same time. Many smart phones have added the multitasking feature but it was Android that offered it from the beginning. Android being a platform of Google syncs well with a variety of Google services. Although iPhone also offers integration with these services but it is believed that Android does it in a better manner. Android offers more freedom to customize the home screen. Shortcuts can be added and organized keeping the information more visible. It also lets you change your settings faster.

Android offers range of devices that are more affordable. An Android phone can be bought for a lot less than an iPhone device. iPhone releases lesser models and the models are more expensive. However with the way the Android market is growing there have been rumors that iPhone might also go for mobiles that are cheaper than what it currently offers.

The open source platform is an added advantage that Android enjoys. Android gives the user the freedom to customize the handsets by adding enhancements and features to their liking.

With so many advantages to its credit it is no wonder that Android applications development is growing. The current reports and statistics reveal the strong position that Google's Android enjoys today. The current trend for Android applications if it continues at the same speed as it is accelerating may mean a tough time for its competitors in the time to come.

Android application development
Android applications development

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