Android Bootcamp Training: What Is It, and Why Do I Want It?

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When the word boot camp is mentioned, many things come to mind: drill sergeants screaming, recruits running, and a whole lot of whipping into shape.

If you are looking for that in Android boot camp training, well - there is not a whole lot of screaming or running to be found here. There is, however, a great deal of shaping up: the Android boot camp course is, in a nutshell, a course dedicated to preparing an Android developer for the hard facts of developing an Android application (which makes it some kind of boot camp, at least!).

Most Android developers simply don't have the time or resources to wade through books or tutorial seminars that don't prepare them for application development in the real world. These courses teach you how to develop on Android, sure, but they don't really get into the nitty-gritty: you have the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop on Android, but you don't have any concrete, solid examples and best practices to implement in your Android development.

Enter Android Bootcamp training: a four- or five-day course designed to get you to hit the ground running when it comes to Android application development. It combines advanced Android application development theory with practical advice, examples, and best practices to make sure you know the tips, techniques, theory, and examples that allow you to come out the door having a solid background in Android application development and able to program effectively and efficiently for the Android mobile operating system.

This course isn't for those who want an exhaustive, theoretical discussion about the inner workings of Android's OS or other parts of the system; this is instead a course for already-proficient Java developers who are looking to get up to speed quickly on the fast-emerging Android platform. Much like a real boot camp, it is not designed to go into extensive technical theory; it is instead designed to be as efficient as possible in making sure that the people who choose to go through it will be very well-prepared for actual, practical, real-world programming situations that will face them when they enter the world of Android development.

If you are a current Java developer or software engineer looking to get into Android, then there is no better place to enter: the Android Boot camp course is the perfect setting to cut your teeth and gain some practical experience in the Android arena. Far from being a useless certificate to hang on your wall, Android Bootcamp is an essential course for any Java developer looking to start writing Android applications for their enterprise and get a solid handle on Android application development the moment they finish their Android training!

Michael Dorf teaches at LearnComputer! (, which offers instructor-led local, online and onsite Android training for companies and public. Our flagship Android Bootcamp course will get you writing Android apps in just FOUR days! There is simply no better way to learn Android!

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