Chrome, Android or other distribution of Linux for your Netbook?

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Although Chrome and Android are not yet still was in netbooks, talk about them being discussed coming out sometime in late 2010. Many writers have started as praise Android and Chrome while others are still partial to one of the many Linux distributions available on the market today. On your netbook, ultimately you want something that is fast, simple and easy to use. Therefore, that one of these operating systems is best for your netbook?

Chrome has the advantage that is very simple and intuitive to use. It is basically a browser that uses only web applications. The advantage of Chrome is a time of extremely fast boot and simplicity. Its drawback is that you really do not have the capacity to perform many functions of normal equipment if you do isn't easy internet access. This could severely limit the experience general netbook.

Android has the advantage that in a few years will be one of the most widely used smartphone platforms. Many of your applications will also work in the Android netbook version when it is released. You have an Android phone and netbook would mean that all applications of synchronization and work together. This could provide some significant advantages in the future.

Using a Linux distribution on your netbook it also offers a series of enormous advantages. Any Android and Chrome it is said that they are able to do within the next year, many distributions were doing in netbooks more than a year ago. Some distributions like Ubuntu remix netbook offers the same advantages that you would find with chromium or Android operating systems. There are ways to even run Android applications in it if you really need that functionality.

The advantages of operating systems from Google, currently found in many Linux distributions. Seems advantageous to the user end use something that is free and open as it has been tested for quite sometime in netbooks.

There are very few OSes emerge for netbooks. While there is much hope for some new as Chrome and Android, much of its functionality is already in many Linux distributions available.

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