Annoying androids

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I think that there will be a lot of androids in the future, but the really good ones - you know, 'really' you can't tell them of humans, in general will be annoying and marginalized. For example, is something humiliating about being stingingly which by an Android. And I hate to play poker with a robot and losing her know that she even does not enjoy the money that won. In fact, very human androids can be despised and only serve in less salty niches such as spies and hit men. I also believe that that will happen only human as androids under special licenses and their numbers controlled.

On the other hand, provides a plethora of all kinds of ' bots, more that will be specialized for a task only or a limited set of tasks. In this way we will feel more confident and in control. I don't envision, for example, an android very simplified to wait tables or wash dishes in restaurants, it would be demeaning for the good people that performs that hard work in the past. Instead, more robots probably will be quite similar to robots in assembly lines now. They may be more cosmetics, but it will be functional first and foremost.

We do not like to do fun and androids represent a lot of 'monkey see monkey do' to our psyche. I think that we can enjoy androids in specific tasks and as partners in practice, but an Android that comes out as intelligent as we definitely rub us the wrong way. This all of course depends on the notion that stay at least one egalitarian society something. If things get dark again the ruling class could very well use upstart androids to oppress the lower class.

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