Apads EPads, WowPads - the new wave of Android tablets

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In 2010, a lot of people were not familiar with aPads or ePads and Wowpads - known as"iPad clones". A few who acquired these devices concluded that aPads lacked touch or sensation of the iPad. A good number of people also recognized that the aPads aren't easy to use due to poor documentation, problems of access to Android Market, the touch screen "resistant" and lack of only in support of time (JIT).

In the last couple of months, just before the launch of iPad 2, there has been a wave of new Android Tabletof Asia s which have capacitive screens, faster processors and other interesting features that make these devices stand out.

These aPads are increasingly popular since the release of Tablets runs Android 2.2 and higher of OEMs (OEM) such as Motorola, Asus, Dell and Samsung. I can now talk apples to apples to a clone of aPad compare to OEM Android Tablets there.

I am also bold enough to compare the new aPads with Applie iPad2 and the RIM Blackberry Guide.

This new wave of devices has the following strong points of sale.

Price:Android powered Tablet PC are still less expensive units in the market compared to the OEM (Dell, Samsung and Motorola) versions. A retailer online had an apad Android 2.2 running with a tough sale for only $79. Units with capacitive screens start from approximately $189.99

The general rule is that you can get 2 degree higher apads or epads for price of OEM Android Tablet.

Size: Most OEM Android Tablets come in 7-inch or smaller models. There are few models 10-inch as it Motorola Xoom sale retail stores. I am sure that the OEM to produce units with a bigger screen, but they expect the price to be more. However there are floods of apads in various sizes, 7, 8 and 10.1-inch Tablets.

Some individuals who love reading ebooks will go to the 7-inch apads, the player or the security guard of the film will be for aPad 10.1 units.

More accessories in the box:APads most come with all accessories in the box. APads that I tested comes with USB cables males and females, a Briefcase, Mini HDMI cable and a screen saver. This will not be the case for OEM models - wait buy the protector of screen and HDMI cable for another $50 or so.

More connectivity ports: The majority of aPads are generous when it comes to external ports. APad Flytouch II and III models come with 2 microSD cards, an Ethernet port, 2 ports USB and an HDMI-out port. High availabilityiPad M7/Dropad A8 comes with 2 ports USB and an HDMI port (HDMI experience with high availabilityiPad unit is amazing - 1080P!).

However the OEM units have the following characteristics that always attract better clients - best marketing exposure, documentation, better q and controls (although most people may not agree Q & A because many returns of store) and to facilitate access to care to the client.

In conclusion, aPads manufacturers and other devices are improving their products and continuously add features without having to wait the release of a great product made by the OEM. We can take advantage of this and enjoy new technology rather than the others - at least I saw movies in my aPads via HDMI at least 6 months before the release of the iPad2.

Matthew Ogbulafor has been in the it arena for over 16 years offering solutions and services for Small Office Home Office based companies. He also offers consulting and professional services to small and medium-sized enterprises across the GTA in Ontario, Canada. His passion is the team to solve problems related to everyone's satisfaction. Visit http://www.apadcanada.com for more information about this article.

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