How the current configuration of backup before upgrading Android Homescreen

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You must be rooted, to the end that all backup options quickly and easily for a restoration complete a different generation. This is useful when running Android on a Windows Mobile as the HD2 device, can easily change to different generations coming out weekly. Please note, this method only for any Android device. You can make backup of all, home screen, widget for messaging, in addition the database.


A. download Titanium Backup "from the Android Market"
B. first open the program, select the radio button "Problems?". It will download the latest version of Busybox, command line utilities additional used for data backup.
C. hit "Backup/Restore"
D. tap the "Menu" button or hard drive
E select "Batch"
D. Tap "run" with a "backup of all user applications + system data"
G leave all selected on this screen. Selectively choose which restore on our new compilation. All have a copy of the media will lose nothing.
H. Make sure "Kill active apps" is selected
I tap "Executes the operation batch"
(J) suggestion: while it is running, tap on the screen each time to ensure that your phone was not time. just to be safe for any auto-asesinos that may be running
K restart the phone

Restoration: after changing generations: remember: If you are running on a WM device, first download the APK for titanium Backup and put it in the folder of Android applications to facilitate access in his first start.

Skip a. as much of their new Android installation screens as possible. There is no need to waste time here when they restore with titanium.
B. go to Setup and configure your Google account.
B1. After placing the account, set it in no synchronization.
B2. Make sure you do this before entering the market, or the synchronization will occur automatically. The reason for doing this is to avoid overwriting all data of titanium
C. Next enter in "-=> application configuration" and check "Unknown sources"
D. signing Titanium Backup (unless they have the APK in your Apps Android folder) and click the "problems?" to install on his new compilation.
And tap "Backup/Restore"
(F) the. Press the "Menu" (hard disk button) button
G choose "Consignment"
H. press "Run" next to "restore missing apps + all system data"
J. If is restoring the exact same compilation:
J1. Click on "Select all"
J2. Choose "App + data"
(K). If you are restoring a different generation or upgrade to a new version of a generation:
K1. Click on "Deselect all"
K2. Choose "App + data"
K3. Select all the elements green (these are the configuration)
K4. Select all crossed out items (these are not included in the compilation apps)
K5. Select any other elements who know are the same in his generation, and you want to restore the configuration of
L press "Run the transaction batch"
D. for each application the installation message comes to hitting "Install" and then "done".
B. restart your android phone

O in the next boot, if you get "Problem loading Gadget" on some widgets will need to remove them from the home screen and install them manually.

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