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It's a smartphone that was revealed only recently. Runs on the operating system Google Android. The Android operating system is an open source software, which means that many applications can be customized to meet your needs. The phone has been designed to substantially reduce the high cost that is often associated with many smartphones. The phone will be the first Android phones that come with a QVGA 2.8 inch touchscreen is resistant. Previous versions of smartphones arrived with HVGA screens.

The phone will have a fairly small number of features but it will have many of the features often associated with smartphones. Your operating system is said to run at a speed of approximately 528 MHz processor. The size of the memory will also be quite large at about 256 MB of RAM.

There are also other unique features that will make this phone to Excel. For example, will run in the sense HTC which is basically a user interface of decorum, as opposed to the standard user interface. The phone however carried some of the traditional features of the phones, such as software suite standard. Will also have the characteristic traditional smartphones like Android market, Gmail, Google Maps and Google search features. Google maps, once incorporated with the GPS features will help you to easily find a location.Certainly you don't want to endure the unnerving feeling that arises as a result of people asking for directions in unknown locations. This feature is likely to be useful for people who travel far afield or holiday.

Google search of course is a well known feature that allows you to search for information on any topic under the Sun. Google mail on the other hand allows you to communicate with friends and keep in touch for a long time. The HTC Tattoo will make use of the 3 G frequencies. It may also be a good Wi-Fi connection in the phone and Bluetooth. However, these services will require that they have a good GPS receiver on the phone.

This smartphone comes with a 3.2 MP camera. This allows you to take good pictures and videos to help you relive and appreciate the good times of his life. Also you can easily increase the size of the memory as the phone comes with a microSD memory card. This allows to increase the storage space on your phone.

Battery life is quite long and may talk continuously for 6 hours and 30 minutes non stop. This results in approximately 520 hours of standby time. The amperage required for the battery of the phone is 1100mAh.If this current is exceeded, then it will probably be burning your battery. When you go on vacation, it is important to carry an extra battery in case of failure of a battery.

This phone is small in size and the price is very favourable. Before you buy them, it is important to compare at least prices in several stores before deciding to buy. It will be a good place to start on the internet where information is available free of charge.

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