Pros and cons in the battles of iPhone with Android

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2010 witnessed one of the grandest preparations of battles in the mobile operating systems, all players have been working hard to bring its arsenal the best available out there. Apple, one of the outstanding players of the industry of the mobile phone, from the beginning of Apple's iPhone in 2001, launched the fourth generation of the legendary device, and on the other hand internet giant, who never liked to develop your custom hardware, always in place software around which manufactures different hardware could fall their specific devices.

It was released with version 2.3 of its Android operating system, curiously called gingerbread. Other mobile operating systems appear to have been abandoned by the public, as very popular once developed primarily by Nokia symbian operating system seems to have lost the game. On the other hand Microsoft windows mobile platform is counting the days until the end. Rest all seems to disappear in the competition.

The arrival of new players with all new designs and plans, seem to have on the market by storm, and we will have to assess how they are doing in 2011. Mainly, we are seeing only two major players in the scene, iOS of Apple (found only in the s., iPhone, iPods and iPad) and Google's Android (found on many phones in the market, mainly because its code open and easily implemented)

Cracks in the iOS

No doubt the iOS on iPhone and other mobile devices from Apple have ruled the market, even when we launched the first version with so many errors and defects, was still the favorite among users, some people bought as a statement of style, some, like loyalty to Apple, and some found too interesting design. Still the defects are as follows:

Inflexibility in the software: the iOS by default do not allow modify or customize the user interface; It is only possible for the operating system, called Jailbreak piracy.

The devices are not productive: are good for those who are willing to consume information rather than create it. You can easily read a newspaper in any iOS device, but could be more cumbersome to write an email.

Limited hardware: Apple has always been strict in providing limited hardware with limited software; It will have enough his lust for power, with what Apple gives you.

Cracks in the Android:

Android was the initiative of a group of companies which named themselves the "open handset alliance" the system operating has gone through a very high number of transitions in a very short time. Also from the operating system is open source anyone can use to build your customized version of Android. There are still defects in this too:

The fragmentation of the market: any manufacturer can use any version of the operating system and unveil your own device running on the Android, who do not maintain the contingency in the market.

different flavours by the manufacturers: there are a set of buttons that use the Android operating system, but keeping the design in mind, each of the manufacturers launch their own specific models, which gives users a different management while running the same operating system anywhere.

Does not: Google, certainly fails to show leadership to the marketing and advertising of the operating system.

What can expect consumers out of this?

Bearing in mind this war, only the consumer will be the final beneficiary. You not only get the best price, but when rivals start banking in its operation system deficiencies enemy, which will finally lead to the invention of the operating system refines. The market for Smartphone that is already burning with more recent participants in the market, also has sent out sparks market Tablet PC , where once more guru Apple launched its first tablet Apple iPad about a year ago, and soon going to wait until s Tabletbased on Google honeycomb operating system unveiled at CES 2011Las Vegas.

Our verdict

The race is too close, and the winner could come out with only a difference of hairline, Apple with his charisma, marks the first value and consumer, will be estimated for the consumer. In the same hand, Google's Android is very customizable and adaptable to almost any device, it has lot of potential, but it requires leadership at the time.

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