Top Apps Android: Buka, gem Miner and radiant

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Buka is a nice Android game loaded with lots of fun and addiction, but requires skills and dexterity and a difficult task. Buka is find a happy place altogether for a search. Buka is a small planet that fires up stars. You must protect this planet with powerful shock waves and explosions for the operation of one touch only. You can make use of the shock waves to push objects away or close. Also can do everything which blocks their way destroy and scroll until you get the happy place. The combination of accelerometer sound effects, animation, graphics and background (especially used for realistic explosions) rates this game highly. Application of Buka has received several awards and is classified among the ten games paid for Android devices. Although this game application is very simple, it is still very difficult. The longer the game and gets more difficult. In general, the Buka app is a simple game to learn and play. Need to be a master to play this game but all you have to do is only evidenced by the interest and stay focused.

Gem Miner

Are you ready for the challenge as a miner to exploit hidden mineral, metals and gems to make way for his glory? A simple game, gem Miner, makes you grow an incredible player. The premise is simple, just dig a mine to become rich descending to the depths for Unearthing treasures precious minerals, metals and gems and make your fortune. Start accumulating supplies and sell their earnings in the store so you can buy more supplies to descend into the abyss and the dip NET major awards. This is exciting game and requires some planned maneuvers to ensure that you leave the mine live always. The game offers three levels of difficulty and contains a useful way of tutorial. The graphics are very sharp and the sound is great and more appropriate. This is a game of touch screen which is why there should be any uproar about the type of Android device that is played.


After Buka, Hexage pointed radiant, it is one of the best Android games. Radiant is a shooter from the category of space, in which as a Max Blaster engaged in combat firing against the alien invasion of large scale. Max Blaster should turn their way through increasingly difficult levels for taking the head of foreign boss Super Creep on. Hexage, brings its own unique spin and details in the game. Nurse and much more will find drones, Meteor, ships to save the world from destruction. The game Space Invaders Basic has been built with some improvements of weapons and power-ups. The complement of neon glow brings a brilliant role to different handcrafts made of space with its own history.

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