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Ok. You've heard all about applications for mobile devices. And you heard of all the millions who have won some application developers through the creation of utilities, games or tools. The platform should you build it? And why?

According to a survey, approximately 90% of mobile App sales are attributed to iPhone Apps. The total amount spent on Apps comes to around 4.2 million dollars in 2009, which includes a 2.5billion App downloads for that year. As smartphones and related devices are growing in popularity, the domination of the market of Apple is expected to be challenged by Apps Android.

There are 100 million mobile Android devices activated globally, 400,000 new devices activated every day. Explosive growth means that the estimated 200,000 Android apps currently is likely that it will surpass the number of iPhone Apps eventually. There are also other app stores: App World Movement for Blackberry, Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Phone market of Microsoft devices.

IPhone application platform

If you are an iPhone-aholic, here are some reasons for the development of iPhone applications:

1. Only need to address a number of specific and limited devices - the iPhone or iPad. There is a plethora of different types of phones and sizes of screen to meet. So they do not need to test their applications in a multitude of different devices.

2. The free iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to do development work. The development can be done using objetivo-C.

3. The App Store - get to enumerate their applications on it, and Apple is responsible for accommodation, processing credit cards, downloading, and notify users of versions. Apple also reviews and filter Apps for inclusion, which means that you need to make sure that your application is of good quality before it can be accepted and released.

Apps for Android and other platforms

On the other hand, there is reason to development on other platforms like Android too:

1 Platforms such as Android is a Linux-based open source platform. This means that no one can access the code that drives the system. You can explore its API and the operating system itself. Therefore, there is no censorship for its implementation by any manufacturing of specific device or service provider.

2. Android development is done using Java, which is a powerful and widely used language.

3. Some developers is easier to get their applications approved in the Android Market, because there is no involved long approval process.

Any platform you choose, if you are excited by the possibilities of income generation, should then seriously consider the development of applications. How can you input? Well, that's a topic for another article.

ADEMA Richards is an enthusiastic follower of trends Mobile App and an active member of the community of development of App http://www.AppToolsKit.com.

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