Android and beyond

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Many people have heard the term 'android' and do not really understand what it means. If you are that person of read on and soon you will find everything you need to know about the term. This is a new dimension in the technology market, which offers a whole new world of applications and services to its users. Android is a mobile operating system that uses a modified version of the recent Linux kernel. This was produced for the first time the company Android Inc; then it was later purchased by the very famous company that we all know that it was Google. It is programmed in java and a faster execution at a lower memory footprint compared to the older type of pure java. The iphone can only run an application at a time, compared to the android system that can be executed a group of applications without any hiccups.

Google has participated extensively in this market through the creation of multiple applications. These range from a map of the sky for the observation of stars, finance for its own financing service, an application for jogging and marker for many sports. One of the main purposes of this operating system is to focus on applications, using design to perform as they would on your PC. This operating system is taking on the mobile phone market. The system is now installed in many brands such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola. A user friendly operating system allows the user to easily move your phone and all your applications without encountering problems.

HTC is a brand of phone that is now very popular worldwide than phones from manufacturer, PDAs and smart phones. Its mission is the next 'HTC mission is to become the leading provider of innovative mobile information and communication by providing value-added design, manufacturing services and logistics capabilities and world class'. HTC have adapted the android operating system and now use it some of its mobile phones such as the HTC magic. This phone has been designed and built to turn the head and the client to feel that they need this phone. Android operating systems keep improving and building applications new and innovative for all of us to help simplify the life a little when it comes to using certain technology, i.e., phones.

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