Mobile applications development leads to the demand of the market to hire Android developers

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Mobile strategy has evolved as an integral part of the marketing strategy regardless of vertical industry. With smart phones heavily filtered in the Indian market, it is more important than companies 'mobile' approach to improve not only reach but also business suffered. Development of mobile applications has reached a stage where any idea can be potentially developed in an application. According to an independent investigation carried out by Appceletor, the companies are hopefully spending on innovative business oriented mobile applications. This has led to an increase in the market to hire Android developers. Social networks are one of the reasons why mobile applications have become popular. These days the SMEs and entrepreneurs have their own pages of individual businesses that are accessed from applications. This may be one of the reasons why Android market development has led to high altitudes and this explains why there has been a sudden increase in job opportunities for the Android Developer.

It is important to understand the benefits of the Android platform business. From the business perspective, there are five major business benefits. The first benefit refers to the cost effectiveness or ' low-cost of entry. This means that the Android developers do not have to spend a penny to develop an application. In the development of Android, the costs can be classified in development and testing, royalties and test devices. The role of second largest revolves around the fact that Android applications are programmed in JAVA that is very popular as a development platform. In addition, the function of the Android documentation is much better to their contemporary platforms. The third talks about benefits of the variety of distribution platforms. A developer can not only use third-party app stores, but you can also create distribution channels to reach vertical markets. The fourth benefit is the open source platform Android programming is carried out. This not only open source platform report team of development on upcoming releases, but it also helps them to get feedback from users. In addition, the open source framework enables developers to customize applications according to different phones. The benefit of more relevant fifth is Android as a mobile platform is full of the best architectures of twin for inter-application and inter process. This allows developers not only cross integrate them into different application platforms and integrate them.

Companies hire Android developers for the creation of business applications. Some of the popular Android business applications are:

• Google Voice: this application usually provides users with a specialized number from which you can make outgoing calls. Not only that, users can access voice and text messages from the web.

• Advanced Task Killer: this application comes with a widget that allows users to manage their applications.

• Drop box: this is an application of basis of cloud that sync a folder of files between Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a 'drag and drop' feature where the files can be dragged into a respective folder and fallen to access it.

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