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It's an android Tablet PC with touch screen capacitive 10.2. Also has a resolution quite high of 824 x 600.Esta Tablet PC runs on OS 2.2 android. The Tablet also has a 1.3 m pixels webcam. It has a battery lithium ion that has a rating of 3300 mAh. The speed of the processor is 1 GHz, allowing a rapid processing of applications and tasks.

The Android has Wi-Fi, which allows 3 G connectivity. This allows you to access the internet from anywhere can be. You can browse the web pages much faster rates of as a download to your computer. Due to the size of the big screen, the web pages will be not compressed much. Therefore you don't need zoom in and out as far as accessing web pages. Internet access will allow you access to services such as email and chat services, messaging services. The talk that will have access to messaging services include skype, IM, and MSN. Access to these chat services will allow you to easily communicate with your friends and colleagues no matter where they are. There is a also a social application that allows you to publish updates in social such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace sites. Therefore, you can know what is happening with your friends and colleagues.

The tab also comes with GPS and maps features. This allows you to know the exact location to places without having to ask for someone. For example, if you are traveling, you can learn where shops and restaurants are even if you're new to the area. Therefore, you don't have to be ashamed of asking directions to get to certain places and events. In addition, the tab comes with a calendar and as such can plan and track events well.

There is also a camera that essentially allows you to record videos and take good photos. the camera comes with a feature image stabilization and autofocus which allow you to take photos and good videos even if you are a fan. Then, you can edit or share photos with your friends and colleagues and who knows it only could launch his career as a filmmaker or a photojournalist.

This file is compatible with applications that allow you to read eBooks. As more and more get digitized information it is necessary to access digital information tones. You can also read magazines and newspapers of e. You can also view documents in Word, Excel or PDF formats.

The device can be comfortably around although it can be quite heavy to carry for long periods of time. The tab can be placed at an angle that can be written comfortably and also key in commands. Media applications supported by this tab are many and varied. It supports many audio and video formats. Also you can listen to your music conveniently through your cats heads. This allows you to turn off the outside noise and, therefore, offer the maximum concentration. The device should be kept well and is important that sharp objects are not in the Pocket, as they can scratch the screen and the cover of the tab.

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