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Seconds, minutes and hours... men have tried to measure for thousands of years. All the great civilizations of the ancient world produce systems and time tracking devices. In fact, the system of segagesimal, one of which they use today, was developed by the ancient Egyptians for more than four thousand years. The Egyptians were obsessed with time, mainly for religious reasons, and developed some of the most elaborate and ingenious ways of measure than the world ever has seen.

Early Egyptian scorers day Division into two segments of 12 hours and giant obelisks used to mark the movement of the Sun. They also created a device called clepsydrae, or water clock, which were extremely popular with the Greeks and later the Romans. But his first contribution to watchmaking was the shadow clock, later called the Sundial. Archaeologists have discovered watches dating from 3500 BC. They are the oldest known timing devices.

But the Egyptians weren't the only people who tried to measure the time. Ancient Chinese probably created the clock of candle, which was used in Japan, Iraq and even in England. Incense clocks were tremendously popular in the far East, and Europeans worshipped the hourglass. As you can imagine, all these old devices had their limitations. Most could be used during the day or could control only the time for short periods. Then the mechanical clock was invented in Europe in the 14th century.

Mechanical watches created a new industry in Europe and fostering innovation and competition. Spring driven clocks and pocket watches were the inevitable result, as it was the pendulum clock, who arrived in the 18th century. Easily the most important of these devices was the Pocket Watch. It was accurate and durable and most importantly, portable. Pocket watches demand was so great that became the number an export in several European countries.

The first world war had a profound effect on the hour. Before the great war, only the men carried pocket watches media, and when they had been in the trenches, were often lost or broken. Had to change to Bracelet watches, which were generally less expensive to manufacture. By the time the war ended, most men could afford to take a clock. It was no longer a luxury item.

Where are we now?

See more historians are in agreement that digital technologies have had a detrimental effect on the industry. Yes, increased sales for a spell. But it also reduced standards across the Board and encouraged less innovation and experimentation. Fortunately, he spoke a new breed of watchmaking with a firm understanding of the past and look towards the future. One of the most promising companies new to join the fray clock is Android.

Who are they?

Android was founded in 1991 by a Maverick designer whose ideas could only be described as wild. Wing Liang did not want to compete with the big boys, most of whom had been making clocks more than one century. This is generally how they think the visionaries. Do not worry with dollars and cents. They have an idea of how it should be one thing and concentrate exclusively on that. Wing Liang, theirs was clocks and wanted to be a slender, sharper and more modern than they were in the past. The designs of his day were boring and serious. They had not changed in decades. Maybe just wanted to shake things up?

All Android watches defy the Convention when it comes to design. They are like nothing we have all seen before and thus intentionally. Inspired by the science fiction and modern art, Liang wing creates watches that are far ahead of their time (play on words intended!). Let's take a moment to discuss signing their watch.

Alien Android

Why people wear watches? It could have been a silly question a decade ago, but not today. Majority of Americans have at least one portable device with functions of maintenance of time, usually a cell phone or a laptop. So, do we need them? The obvious answer is that most of us do not. Well, not to say the time in any case. Why then are clock in increase sales? Because people buy not just in time. They buy them because they like the look. They like what they say these accessories on them. In other words, the modern clock should make a statement, and nobody does better than Android!

Abroad has been most popular company clock since it was introduced. Its double clock marks and polished silver case really seem the impassive face of an alien. The clock is powered by the movement of Japanese quartz, which is precise and durable. Both indicators are protected by coverings of mineral glass clock and the case and the bracelet are polished stainless steel. It is one of the most striking clocks in the world and a certified piece of conversation.
Android offers a full or

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