Manage files and documents on your Android phone

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Your phone may be a workstation on the fly thanks to a wide variety of professional grade mobile applications from the android market. Documents can create, view and edited from your phone. Manage your documents has never been easier and more attractive than the use of applications that are easy to obtain and handle.

File management

Files can be moved to outside and around your android phone. The first step is to connect the device to a computer via the USB cable and mount as a drive. Then go to the android notification area and select 'USB connected' and tap on the mountain. Go through your SD card to explore, create folders, and drag files around. You can even transfer items to and from your PC and the phone. With this method you can get most of the important files on the phone and in this way you can take them with you every where you go.

Need a tool to help you explore files and folders and you can obtain for free from the android market. This tool is called ASTRO file manager and with it you get to see your documents, files and folders in windows style. You can get a quick preview of any file or folder by plucking required simply to open. It will ask you to choose an application to open and your choice as the default for viewing the other elements later choice can also be defined.

ASTRO file manager allows to multi-tasking, this means that you can work with several files and folders in a go. Also copy of installed applications and the browser bookmarks. Unwanted processes are also removed by ASTRO file manager to save battery power.

Think free mobile office works in a similar way and for a fee you can upgrade it to fully see all documents. For spreadsheets and presentations we think free writing, seems calculator and free show thinking. Microsoft Office files may also be in its original format. Connecting thinking free to Google Docs you can download and view the files stored in the cloud.

Although you can only get advanced editing features to pay for applications, GDocs that is free can serve well in the League of advanced applications. Allows you to view, edit and create basic documents on android. To avoid something messed up on your phone, connect to Google Docs and stores your documents in the cloud. GDocs is only capable of creating text files and start a web browser for viewing the presentation in Google Docs documents and spreadsheets. Another advanced one is DataViz Documents To Go and is pretty reliable for business in android users. This paid application enables you to create, view, and edit existing and graphic documents even on your android phone. This application exceeds all the capabilities of the majority of business applications.

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