Android developers allowed to offer payments App on Google

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Google has not only released G +, but also unleashed a paid service in-app. Google has been reselling this new capability from its I/O Conference in May 2011. Rumours began to emerge in March.

Now that Google has officially released this feature, the secret is out, Android developers now have this feature in the app available payment due to a single line of code. One would think that this capacity could take several pages or be more elaborate than just a simple script.

Most of the people who actively game is aware of the phenomenon known as "in-app purchase". Apple recently had to fend off claims on their policies in this regard because children without supervision were to buy special tools, weapons, coins and other items available in the plethora of games. The children were able to purchase these items because your parents credit card was registered in Apple's App Store.

Something that should raise a few eyebrows within the Android developer community is payments. Apple makes thirty percent (30%) of all revenues generated from the sale of each app in your market. Google brings only five percent (5%).

This policy is to bring the best and brightest to Android applications developers. To access the market Android as a developer, to a Google Checkout account should be created. This will allow you to pay for any app purchases via your Google account.

Shopping in the App is a two-edged sword that has received mixed reviews. On the one hand, it provides a free and feasible application that gives additional options, which can speed up the game or help your level of play. This subsidizes throughout the game for everyone and helps developers to offset costs and recover their initial investment. By having PPP options, also reduces the necessary basis to determine the success or failure of the application.

You may have only a few thousand people download your app, but those few thousand remaining active players of the game and take advantage of the options of app, rather than have to rely on tens of thousands of downloads to recover. On the other hand, is a potential of many problems. Android is already under fire for a variety of faults and problems with their mobile applications and products, lawsuits and litigation, in general tend to eat and profits and drag in the Court.

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