Android Developers Can Apply Licensing Policy to Protect Their Apps From Piracy

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Android Application developers have been facing a big challenge due to piracy of Apps. Therefore, Google Android's effort, a new approach to fight against such kind of unauthorized usage of Android Apps, has been more than welcomed by the developer Android developer community.

Google's new Licensing Service released this fall helps Android developers to secure their applications. The service forces apps to ping Google's home server at regular intervals to verify that they were legitimately purchased. Only paid apps can currently be used with the service and all the features of the application service can be implemented on Android versions 1.5 and above using a set of official libraries.

Ever since the Android came to the Smartphone market, Android platform developers have been vying for an application to protect their apps from illicit piracy.

This free service is a secure mechanism that helps Android programmers access all Android Market paid applications. The only limitation of this application is that it can be installed only on compatible devices that provide a secure internal storage environment. During run time, with the inclusion of a set of libraries provided by Google, Android app can query the Android Market licensing server to determine the license status of the users. It returns information on whether the users are authorized to use the app based on stored sales records.

This real time licensing service provides more flexibility in choosing license-enforcement strategies, and thus, a more secure approach in protecting the applications from unauthorized use than copy protection.

If necessary, an application can apply custom constraints based on the licensing status obtained from Android Market. The licensing service is a secure means of controlling access to the applications. When an application checks the licensing status, the Market server signs the licensing status response using a key pair that is uniquely associated with the publisher account.

If the approach taken by Google Android effectively wards off pirates, then we must say, it will be one of the best news for Android developers. The more Android platform becomes popular; the more challenges its developers will face. But under such circumstances, coming out with innovative ideas and technology expertise would help an Android Application Development Company to survive in the market. So, when you need a far reaching Android application, you should select a development company that can meet your requirement with great expertise and adds value by using the latest technology developments.

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