An Optimistic Job Outlook For Android Developers

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The market for mobile applications has exploded recently. Google's Android mobile platform is growing particularly fast as mobile carriers scramble to find a mature product with the features and applications needed to compete with Apple's iPhone. This rapid growth of Android's market share creates an optimistic job outlook for android application developers.

The growth in the mobile business means that the demand for mobile applications is growing quickly. The smart phones are quickly changing how people use web sites and the Internet for information. This rapid change has resulted in an explosion of new mobile applications that will continue as mobile phones become increasingly capable. This rapid growth will create numerous job opportunities for Android application developers.

Recently, Apple unveiled the iPad, a reader device that is poised to change the way people consume the written word. Several companies have announced in the wake of iPad's debut, tablet devices based on Google's Android operating system. These new devices will work to increase Android's market share and likewise contribute to an optimistic job outlook for Android developers. New services for delivering written content will require new applications. This will result in a strong growth in jobs for Android engineers.

Recently, the number and variety of handsets running Android has grown tremendously. With this growth have come increasingly more powerful phones. This expansion of the capabilities of smart phone hardware will require that applications be continually adapted and re-adapted to emerging new hardware. This constant adaptation to new hardware will create a very positive job prospects for Android developers as companies struggle to keep their mobile applications compatible with new devices.

Small companies, in particular, are struggling to keep up with the new mobile web. This has resulted in a huge growth of freelance opportunities for Android experts. These companies are often too small to add an Android developer to their payroll, but for a talented programmer who enjoys freelancing, the job outlook couldn't be better. The growth of the mobile web's importance will ensure that freelance opportunities will abound well into the future.

Additionally, the skills used to develop mobile Android applications are applicable to a variety of situations including mobile web sites and Java application development. These skills are very marketable and make the job outlook for Android developers even better. Many jobs are now looking for Android developers that can develop applications for mobile phones as well as contribute to mobile web sites and other applications.

The mobile market is growing at an incredible pace. With Android based systems gaining more and more market share, the job outlook for Android developers is extremely positive. Furthermore, those who are willing to work as freelancers have even more job opportunities available to them as smaller companies attempt to catch up in the mobile space.

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