Android phones - the trend most recent Popular in mobile phone technology

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Android phones are the recent fashion and madness has seized the buyers of mobile phones. These phones are better known as smart phones with android technology countless features and applications. Mobile Android are now most commonly preferred mobile device with the vanguard and advanced technology. It has proven to be a sought after phone on their application segment world attraction downloading facilities. Android is primarily a Linux-based operating system. This system was developed by Andy Rubin, Google employee and her popularity has only lead to greater membership number.

Android phones provide a cost-effective platform for downloading tools and internet applications in free of cost. You don't have to pay for applications that are offered by android and downloadable without paying anything extra. Such applications are often developed by third parties or those professionals of a development company software. These applications are created in line with the requirements of the client and are carried out with the help of technology that does not require any license or permit. Such applications again a price affordable and reasonable to create unique to the android market applications. Today, most mobile to build these systems and their price are accordingly depending on the different features.

Android phones are built with an integrated advanced technology that provides the necessary platform for various applications. You can also combine several programs through the android platform. Many times, mobile development companies use android as a platform to combine programs or promote them. These phones are the most coveted and much in demand for the current generation phones. These types of phones are known for their multi-tasking, ease of use and multi-functionality. They are mainly run by the custom graphics in the library of 2D and 3D designed with the use of OpenGL ES 1.0.

Mobile Android are designed to facilitate the tasks and enable security means adequate for the sake of security. These have a framework of outstanding applications that used to reuse or replace the components of the phone. Phone's browser is dependent on the engine webkit open and equipped with SQLite to store data. These phones are also enabled with formats supported by media such as audio, video and other image formats fixed as MPEG4, H.264, MP3, MP4, AAC etc. These phones also had several additional features such as 3 G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, GPS Navigator and compass on mobile phones.

Other features integrals on these high-end, advanced or mobile terminals are the capacity of memory storage, profiles of performance, emulator, accessories and debugging tools. These phones are marked by features such as elegant design, dual-core and screen Amoled applications processor. Mobile brands like Sony offer personalized features such as Timescape, facilities downloads messages and applications based on the android platform. Micromax also presents several features supports android as a touch screen, GPS navigation, android market, sensor etc. The other striking features of these phones memory capacity RAM 256 MB ROM 512 MB, Flash, light sensor, resolution of Video recording of 320 x 240 (QVGA), 16 GB of expandable memory, 3.5 mm jack, bluetooth, USB port, etc.

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