iPhone Vs Android

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The days of standard mobile phones were counted when Apple launched its own version of the cell. Although the competitors were introducing something new or others every year, the concept of mobile phones changed with the arrival of the iPhone 2.2.1 that boasted of iTunes. However, there was another giant who was waiting behind the wings. It was not long until the search engine giant, Google, also came out with their own nicknamed cell phones Android.

He began a great battle between these 2 Giants and 2 different groups of users have emerged in the world with a coating with Apple and the other with Google. There is no doubt that the Android had characteristics that were much better than the iPhone 2.2.1. However, the leadership of the search engine giant was not going to last long with Steve Jobs and his men innovative, working hard to release a new version of your mobile phone. It was not long until the iPhone 3.0 was released and this helped to push the advantage to the Apple camp.

Those who compare iPhone vs Andriod will find interesting points. These points will show the latest version of mobile phones manufactured by Apple is much better than those manufactured by Google. Here are the features that are found only on the iPhone.

• Phone wide search
• Calendar Search
• VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) (available for applications)
• Installation of video recording (which comes in cupcake)

There is no for the loyal fans of Google is upset with previous statistics. There are still several features that are only available with the Android. Below is a list of these features.

• Bluetooth connectivity of peer to Peer
• Built in Notepad
• Parental control
• Accessory application support
• Multiple notifications
• Audio stereo Bluetooth A2DP

How they are things now, both of these giants are more or less on a par with others but with both struggling hard to have the upper hand and dominate the mobile world, things are only going to improve for the end user. It is still too early to say that one of these two models is best. The fact is that both these manufacturers have their own loyal base that will not touch the phone from the opposition. There are some points with both these phones are not suitable or rely on third-party applications and are as follows:

• Application notifications
• 3 G tethering

That one of them is better, the iPhone or Android?

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