iPhone and Android: is the BBM in their future?

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Research in motion or RIM, will release Blackberry Messenger or BBM, for iPhones and Androids. This rumor has flown around the internet for months but it has not yet come to fruition or affirm by RIM. On the contrary, in the Blackberry World 2011 Q & A session for developers, RIM has stated that they are not in the process of development of its BBM to be used on the iPhone or Android. Although they did not rule out the possibility of an interface to allow the BBM for iPhone or Android users in the future, it seems that they have a very good reason not to follow this route.

Blackberry Messenger is built on a proprietary platform and infrastructure which provides the Blackberry apart from other devices and is one of their key differentiators. In order to adapt the BBM for iPhone and Android users, a complete restructuring would require and they would lose one of its main advantages over their competitors. This is according to one of the developers at the worldwide Blackberry 2011 session Q & A for developers.

However, RIM has recently confirmed that they have an adaptation of enterprise level that allows third-party interface with BBM. This allows the employees of a company for your devices with the business of the interface and use the BBM for iPhone and Android devices.

It is entirely possible, however, that allowing even limited use of the BBM for iPhone and Android devices could attract a new demographic of iPhone or Android users who are enamored with the implementation of BBM and therefore would make the switch to Blackberry.

Although many critics say that RIM is a lack of a large percentage of the market by limiting the Blackberry Messenger to their own devices, RIM seems inclined to stay with your current address of marketing. Despite many rumors to the contrary, in the current edge indicates that the single interface BBM to other devices in the area of the company, which is designed for the business sector.

Other companies have developed similar applications, such as Kik and PingChat!, that you can use on different platforms and Apple now have iMessage that is similar to the Blackberry Messenger. However, when RIM filed a lawsuit against Kik which had alleged patent infringement, Kik already not accept users BBM. IMessage Apple will work with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch but not the BBM.

Part of the reluctance of RIM today to share the BBM application with other devices may be the current state of your company, which has laid off 2,000 workers manufacture while at the same time hiring two new COO.

In short, for those users who are anticipating the BBM for iPhone and Android devices, the wait will continue as RIM has not indicated that it is in its programme for the foreseeable future. RIM has been confirmed in at least two separate statements and now plans to offer a BBM interface in your area of business only.

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